Monday, July 23, 2012

Painted Leaves and some Squishy Baff

Last week, we were playing outside, and Conrad kept bringing giant leaves to me from a tree in the back yard. I decided why not create something with them.  We decided to paint them, and it resulted in a simple and fun art project! :)

Painted Leaves

For this project, you will need the following items:
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Leaves 

As you can see, our leaves were quite large, but it would work with any type or size of leaf. I put the leaf out in front of Conrad with his name painted on it in his favorite color. I also put out the paint and paint brushes. The next two pictures are the results of his creativity! :)

Of course, I wanted to paint a leaf as well! The leaves we used, had one smooth side, and one"Fuzzy" Side, as Conrad called it. I decided to see what would happen if I painted the fuzzy side! :)
I decided to make a rainbow on mine, and I was pleased with the final results.

Squishy Baff

A friend of mine recently discovered this great stuff meant for Bathtub fun, and I was curious, so I bought some! :) He found his at Wal-mart, But I found mine at Target in the toy section, near the playdough.
I decided to use just a little bit, and put it into a sensory tub, for more fun with sensory play, and that worked out just fine.

The Package came with two packets of powder(enough for two baths) and two packets of dissolving powder for simple clean up. the picture to the right shows what the powder looks like.

I dumped in about a tablespoon or two worth of the powder into our sensory tub full of water, and mixed it together. This is what it looked like after about a minute of sitting in the water. Originally, Conrad didn't want to play with it, so I started to play with it so it wouldn't go to waste. I'm not gonna lie, It was fun, and I was giggling so much, that Conrad finally decided he wanted to play as well! :)

The next couple of pictures are what he spent doing for the next hour and a half after he decided he liked to play with the squishy goo.
The mixture almost became solid, it was thick enough to set things on top of it!

"It feels squishy Stephanie! Look at this!"

"I made a squishy drum!" :)

"Stephanie, My hand is buried in the squishy garden pot!"

I also decided to let Reece get in on the fun, since Squishy Baff is not toxic (although it does say not to eat it on the package, and it does taste terrible). The following pictures are of his exploration of the squishy fun!
"I'm not sure about this stuff!"

this is Fun!

Really fun! :)

As I said before, there is another powder that comes with the package to help dissolve the gel when you are finished, just sprinkle a little bit of it on the mess in your bathtub or sink, and simply rinse down the drain! :)

Turned out to be a great sensory activity for  all three of us, and it wasn't very messy at all! :)

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