Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham, And Some Yummy Gummy Candies

One of Conrad's favorite books to read is "Green Eggs and Ham" By Dr. Seuss. He also loves scrambled eggs, so, I decided to make green eggs and ham for breakfast.

It was a lot of fun for Conrad, and simple to make. Just add green food coloring to the scrambled egg mixture before pouring it into the pan. Then, as you scramble the eggs, toss in the ham.(I used diced lunch meat.)

(Note: if you use egg yolks to make these, use blue food coloring, and it will be a deeper green color. I had to experiment with it for awhile to get a good color)

The second time we made this, There was no ham in the house, so we used turkey instead. I also threw on some cheese, as Conrad wanted cheesy eggs.

 And of course, because Conrad was having green eggs, he insisted that mine should be colored too. He chose blue for me, so I had a blue omelet!

Conrad enjoyed helping me make these fun breakfasts, but he enjoyed eating them even more! When we were finished with breakfast, we read  "Green Eggs and Ham" to finish off our morning!

 "Yummy Gummy Candies"

For this activity/recipe, you will need the following items:
  • An Ice cube tray, or Candy molds
  • a small sauce pan
  • two packets of sugar free Jello-any flavor
  • six envelopes of plain Gelatin
  • 1/2 cup of water
Conrad and I have made these gummy treats several times. They are fun for everyone involved, quick and simple to make, and because they are made with sugar free jello, they are 0 points for those of you who count points with Weight Watchers.

First, you need to put all the packets of Jello and gelatin into the sauce pan with the water. (I had Conrad dump them in for me, and then move away from the stove for the next part) Next, turn the burner on a low setting, and stir the mixture until it has melted down with no lumps. When you are finished, and all the lumps are gone, pour the mixture into the ice cube trays or candy molds. (Note, I split the batch in half, and made half lime, half raspberry.)

Place the molds into the freezer for 10 Minutes. Remove from freezer, and pop the gummies out of  the molds. I was concerned when I first made these, that the gummies would be difficult to get out of the molds, But I found that if I used a butter knife and slid it down the side of the candy, it popped out of the mold with ease, and didn't damage the gummy.

This is the end result. I chose to cut these into smaller pieces, since I used ice cube trays, as they were pretty big for small mouths. Since the first time we made these, Conrad and I have made them twice more. The third time we made them, we did not cut them up, and called them "Dino Eggs" for our field trip to the dinosaur museum. These make a great little snack, especially if you, like me, enjoy gummy candies, but without the sugar.

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