Monday, May 14, 2012

Ice cubes and Dinosaurs

Today's project is very simple to set up, and requires only a few supplies.

To do this activity you will need:
  • A large tub or bucket
  • ice cubes
  • small toys of some sort(I used dinosaurs, one of Conrad's favorites)
Put the ice cubes into the tub or bucket, and then place the small toys in as well. Let the child play and create, and use their imagination! :)

Here are some pictures of Conrad's ideas! (Note: I got permission to post pictures on my blog of the boys):

First Conrad decided they were playing Hide and Seek in the ice cubes, and he "buried" them. Then, he had the other dinosaurs "search" for the buried dinosaurs to save them from getting too cold! :)

Next, the dinosaurs were ice skating, and swimming between the ice cubes, and the water in the bottom from melted cubes!

Then, he built a mountain out of the ice cubes(with a little help from me) and had the dinosaurs climbing up and down the mountain. The ice cubes had melted enough at this point, that we had to keep rebuilding the mountain, because it would collapse every time we put a new dinosaur onto it!

Finally, Conrad decided the ice cubes were a beach, and the water was the ocean. He said the dinosaurs needed to go swimming, because it was too hot for them.

Conrad had a lot of fun with this, but it was a short project, because his hands were quickly getting cold. I would suggest a pair of gloves or mittens to do this project, or a bowl of warm water.

I also decided Reece shouldn't be left out of the fun, so I set him up in his chair, and gave him some ice cubes(no dinosaurs) to play with! He had fun exploring them, squeezing them, splashing in the puddles the melted cubes had made, and sucking on them! The ice cubes are also great for a teething child! :)

Note: If you give an infant ice cubes, be sure to keep a close eye on the child, if the ice cubes get too small, take them away from the child, as they can be a choking hazard.

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